Wireless audio and video transmission in Full HD, 3G

Black Link HD5 is a perfect wireless video system for TV and film professionals. We wanted to create a solution that would satisfy all the needs of people involved in television transmissions. We have included a number of features that will make the camera operator’s work easier and hassle-free, such as lossless image quality, near-zero latency and stable transmission over long distances.

Wireless transmitter and receiver Full HD 3G

Wirelessly transmit HD-SDI, HDMI and data

The Black Link HD5 enables wireless broadcasting of almost any event. Wireless signal transmission provides the camera operator with a host of new possibilities. Now it is possible to move around a large area without pulling miles of cables, while video from the camera can be displayed on multiple monitors simultaneously, so that the audience, the producer and the operator can see the same image at the same time. It is also possible to control parameters over large distances (with the integrated RS-485 interface), which makes work much easier for the whole TV crew. The quality and durability of our system ensure smooth operation even in the most demanding conditions, for instance when working on news coverages.

Black Link HD5 connectors
Connectors in wireless receiver
Connectors in wireless receiver
blhd5-viewThe Black Link HD5 can send data using the RS-485 standard. With the high transmission rate (38400 bps), crews working on live video production can remotely control camera parameters in an efficient way. Thanks to half-duplex transmission, data can be also sent from the camera to the receiver, for example to notify the director that camera settings have been successfully changed.
studio-tallyThe Black Link HD5 has a built-in Tally in/our port, which means less additional equipment is required for communication between the studio and the control room. The integrated Tally system indicates which camera is live, a must-have feature for multi-camera studio setups.
black-link-hd5-tally-ledThe Black Link HD5 system has been designed to make the camera operator’s work easier. Its many features include LEDs which show the operator that image from the camera is being displayed on screens or video walls or broadcast over the air. There is also a LED indicating a loss of connection with the transmitter. The indicators can be mounted in the viewfinder so as not to interrupt the operator’s work.
blhd5-oledThe quality OLED display of the Black Link HD5 offers comfortable operation and ensures that information about the resolution, transmission range and menu functions are well visible in any conditions. The display is easy to read from a wide viewing angle, even in direct sunlight. This also enables efficient energy usage, which increases the camera life.
blhd5-sdiThe Black Link HD5 system has an integrated SDI input for transmitting uncompressed video signal in high resolution (up to 1080p/60) over coaxial cable. This standard also allows for data transmission at up to 2.970 Gbit/s, enabling wireless communication with 3D cameras.
sdi_loopSDI LOOP is yet another feature that makes the Black Link HD5 extremely versatile by streamlining the workflow of the transmission crew. It can be used, for example, for connecting an external preview monitor to the transmitter, providing the operator with additional possibilities that often prove indispensable, such as precise manual focusing.
Another aspect that makes the Black Link HD5 so versatile is the wide selection of built-in interfaces, such as the popular HDMI interface for transmitting uncompressed digital audio and video signal.
blacklinkhd5-statusWhen designing our wireless video and sound transmission system, we aimed to ensure user-friendliness, as well as easy and quick access to the basic information about the transmitter and receiver operation.

The following LED indicators can be used for monitoring the correct operation:
PWR – power supply indicator
DATA – indicates RS-485 signal activity
LINK – indicate active transmitter-receiver connection

Informacja o sile sygnałuBoth the transmitter and receiver have a 4-step LED indicator of radio signal strength. It is also possible to enable sound alarms in the two units to alert the camera operator that the signal strength level is low and prevent going out of range.

Transmit without delay and compression

The solutions used by our system ensure stable video, audio and data transmission in perfect quality with near-zero latency ( < 1ms). The image is transmitted without compression, so you do not cause loss of quality. Black Link HD5 working in PAL resolutions of up to 1080p / 60Hz.

Broadcast to up to 8 receivers

With the Black Link HD5 system, broadcasts from mass and sporting events will become an unforgettable experience for a wide audience.

Signal from the camera transmitter can be multicast to up to 8 receivers at a distance of up to 600 metres. The audience will be able to experience emotions even when away from the centre of events.

In traditional transmission based on HD-SDI cables, the cable length cannot exceed 100 metres. Our system offers a wireless, latency-free transmission range of up to 600 metres without compression.

Wireless HD transmitter
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Range of up to 600 metres

Wireless transmission range

The Black Link HD5 is a system that provides the camera operator with exceptional shooting freedom. BL-AP antennas with the BL-HD5100 transmitter and receiver offer a transmission range of up to 120 metres, 300 metres (when using BL3 whip antennas with the BL-HD5100 receiver) and up to 600 metres when using the BL-HD5620 transmitter. With such parameters, the operator can now reach places that used to be unreachable and achieve new, amazing results.

Transmission range of up to 120 metres using the BL-AP antenna kit with the BL‑HD5100 transmitter and receiver.
Using BL-AP antennas with the transmitter and a whip antenna kit with the Black Link HD5300 receiver extends the range to 300 metres.
It is also possible to achieve a range of 600 metres by using the second generation BL-HD5610 transmitter and a standard received with BL-AP antennas.
up to 120 metres with the BL-HD5100 kit
up to 300 metres with the BL-HD5100 kit with additional antenas
up to 600 metres with the BL-HD5620 kit

Data transmission

Take over the control over camera parameters

Wireless camera control rcp

With the Black Link HD5 features, making a captivating coverage or amazing film shots is now much easier. The built-in RS-485 interface enables remote control of camera settings from the control room for the best footage results. With this system, communication between the director and operator is smoother, and useful information can be relayed (e.g. by using the Tally feature to notify an operator that their camera is on air).