Zdjęcia Metoda Ustawień Narodowych

In April of 2015, in relation with the implementation of theater project by the Foundation of the University of Bialystok “Method locale,” directed by Michael Stankiewicz presented as part of 30 Days of Contemporary Art in Bialystok Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic, we are partnering with Camsat from Solec Kujawski.
For this project, the company has provided us Camsat equipment for wireless transmission of video Black Link HD5. As a result, we were able to conduct video transmission from various spaces in opera, where participatory part of the project was held, to the Chamber Hall, where the audience was located, as well as perform a comprehensive documentation of the action.
During the cooperation we could count on technical support from Camsat, who has shown as much professionalism as kindness and friendly approach. Based on our experience, we can say that the equipment made available to us by Camsat fully proven itself in the created by our theater situation and certainly provides wide opportunities to use in various artistic projects. We intend to continue working with Camsat and would recommend this company as a partner to other creators.

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Prepared by:
Katarzyna Niziołek
Prezes Zarządu Fundacji UwB

Koordynator Pracowni Sztuki Społecznej
Producent projektu „Metoda ustawień narodowych”

Fundacja UwB