Digital link for camera met expectations during testing in Szczecin. The parameters given in the specification of the device are generally correct. The range of devices during the tests came out as follows:

In confined areas (long corridor) with a concrete structure obtained distance without signal ruptures was around 30-40 m. You can not clearly define what is the maximum distance communication due to different signal damping materials.

Completely different situation in the open city, buildings, traffic. In this situation, the device worked very well. In the space of a radius of about 250-300 meters set of links worked very well, with omnidirectional antennas. The objective of measurements has been reached and link fulfills requirements. Using a directional antenna range of links definitely improve. The disadvantage of the tested device is the lack of rain guard on the receiver which makes it impossible to work on the roof of the transmission car, including in design the rain shield with an universal mount for poles or photographic tripods for example would definitely improve the functionality of the device and protect against unwanted external influences. Overall rating after testing- very good link, performance meets the specification, very competitive price.

Prepared by:
Andrzej Miętus
Chief specialist of production
Telewizja Polska S.A. OT/Szczecin

TVP Szczecin